Zombie PogoGo!!!

December 2014

Project Length: 2 days

Software Used: Unity 4.6, Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe Illustrator

Lanuage Used: C#

Platform: Browser


Team: Ashley Godbold (solo project-with creative input from a team)


I created this game so that I could demonstrate the process of its development and the new UI features of Unity 4.6 during a two-day workshop presented by Glitch.mn


Creative input and project management was provided by Evva Kraikul, Nicolaas VanMeerten, and Matthew Gravelle. Tim Turi wrote a narrative to hype the game and presented it at the beginning of the workshop. The narrative can be found under the playable game.


My role: I created all features of the playable game except the 3D character models and animations. However, I modeled the pogo and created the zombie pogoing animations. Lastly, I came up with the title. The 3D models were purchased from bitgem3d.com.



And endless "runner" with a zombie...on a pogo.

Zombie character models and non-pogoing animations were purchased from bitgem3d.com.

Zombie PogoGo Synopsis


By Tim Turi


Perhaps the people of the world were naïve to believe there would only be one apocalypse. It’s been hundreds of years since the undead first rose up and chomped the complacent living into extinction, bolstering their wretched ranks in the process. But just as that zombie uprising snuffed out the unchecked spread of humanity, a new reckoning is now underway. The Repocalypse will test the mettle of the last lonely, starving zombie venturing across the world. In a twist no zombie could’ve seen coming, the corpses of previously fallen zombies have re-risen, and they’re pissed!


It all comes back to Slick. When he was still a human, Slick was a high school track star obsessed with running as fast as he could and sprinting circles around his friends. Slick was the kinda guy that liked to take off his shirt for… better aerodynamics, or something. Unfortunately, all that changed one day during gym class when Slick ran smack into some wayward dweeb hopping across the track on a pogo stick. The classmate’s teeth were already chewing up Slick’s trophy-winning legs before he could register his assailant’s green skin and foggy eyes. “Oh no!”, Slick yelled. “I needed those legs for walking and other general bipedal operations!” By the time the ghoul had its fill, it was too late. His lower limbs were in tatters as he grew from boyhood into zombiehood.


Slick was in rough shape – a zombie that couldn’t even stumble after his fleeing dinner. Fueled by his unquenchable athletic desire to always keep moving (and his newly found hunger for human flesh), Slick propped himself up on the abandoned pogo stick and bounced towards school as his tasty classmates poured out into the streets. A few brave students attempted to take him down with pointy lawn darts, but Slick simply vaulted over them and onto their heads. Slick’s newfound pogo stick game was so strong, that the students exploded into itty bits and rained down from the sky in convenient bite-sized pieces. That day everyone learned that it’s not so easy to defeat… Well what should he call himself?  The Hop-Goblin! No, err… the Necro-Prancer? Nah, how about… Pogo Slick?! Yes! It’s not so easy to defeat… POGO SLICK!


Now unlike the popular zombie lore of the human age, no shotgun-toting hero would rise up to wipe out Pogo Slick and the rest of the undead scourge, and no government scientist would concoct a vaccine to combat the plague. The humans were munched up faster than discount peanut butter cups the day after Halloween. Before all the zombies knew it, they were left hungry and bored without any humans to hunt. They had eaten all their walking meals and the leftovers just turned into more mouths to feed. Then gradually, burdened by their deteriorating bodies, the zombies numbers dwindled down to one. A zombie named Pogo Slick, who had overcame the necrotic issue of immobility long ago.


With sustenance running low, Slick worked on his pogo skills to pass the time, often making a game out of hopping above tombstones and over piles of zombies put down during the first undead uprising. But now the incessant, springy clatter of Slick’s transportation of choice has somehow reawakened the dead…. Again! Like I mentioned before! Propelled by their putrid second wind, Slick’s new enemies aren’t interested in cannibalism; they just want to silence his noisy pogo stick so they can get back to being dead. (Seriously pogo sticks are super annoying)


Unfortunately, Slick is in rough shape after decades of decay have finally caught up to him. Each hop on his pogo stick sends chunks of himself flying, meaning he’s once again racing against the clock just like in his high school track glory days. But this time it’s not for medals or glory, it’s to find safety before he becomes a fetid pile of his former self. Along the way his undead foes will do everything they can to stomp our crumbling hero. It’s up to Pogo Slick to evade these grumpy goons by doing what he does best.  

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