Mastering UI Development with Unity

Packt Publishing

April 30, 2018

ISBN 13: 9781787125520

Paperback: 468 pages

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Master Game UI system by creating captivating user interface components with Unity 5 through Unity 2018 and C#. Learn about UI texts, images, world space UI, mobile-specific UI and much more.

2D Game Programming in Unity [Video Course]

Packt Publishing

August 31, 2017

ISBN 13: 9781787120921

Course Length: 4 hours 3 minutes

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Get in-depth knowledge of developing exciting 2D Games with Unity.

Getting Started with Unity 2D Game Development [Video Course]

Packt Publishing

January 31, 2017

ISBN 13: 9781787120884

Course Length: 1 hour 56 Minutes

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Get started with Unity by making classic games and improve your 2D game development skills.

Mastering Unity 2D Game Development (Second Edition)

Packt Publishing

October 31, 2016

ISBN 13: 9781786463456

Paperback: 506 pages

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Master everything you need to build a 2D game using Unity 5 by developing a complete RPG game framework!

Probability and Statistic Tutorials

Youtube playlist--over 1 million views!

Adobe Flash and AS3.0 Tutorials

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