Pengruin Screenshot

Pengruin Screenshot

Pengruin Start Screen

Pengruin Start Screen

Derrick with Bazooka

Derrick with Bazooka

December 2014

Project Length: 2 class sessions

Software Used: Unity 4.6, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator

Lanuage Used: C#

Platform: Browser and iPad

Publisher: Mouse Potato Games/Ashley Godbold


Team: Ashley Godbold

Character art and walk cycle provided by Lisa Oestricher.

Additional UI elements created by SNK IT Solutions.


I made this game while teaching my students the basics of the Unity 2D engine. I showed them how to build the game from start to finish.



Derrick has moved back to Antarctica, after half a decade of living in Altoona, KS. All he brought with him were his bazooka and bad attitude. 


Help Derrick navigate the "treacherous" terrain by jumping over piles of snowballs and blowing up snowmen with his trusty bazooka.