January 2015

Project Length: 2 weeks

Software Used: Unity 4.6 and Adobe Photoshop

Lanuage Used: C#

Platform: iPhone, iPad, and Android

Publisher: Mouse Potato Games/Ashley Godbold


Team: Ashley Godbold

Character art created by DeLaGranSiete.

Additional UI elements created by Svetlana Shirokova.


I spent my 2014 Christmas break working on this game as a (late) Christmas present for my 3 year old daughter.


The game was created entirely with Unity's new 4.6 UI features.


It is currently awaiting Apple App store approval. 



Mitrix is a cute twist on a classic Latin Square puzzle. Every animal must appear exactly once in each column and once in each row. With levels progressing in difficulty as the matrices increase in dimension, can you unlock every star in the game?